Obsidian Wings – Book One


Do not be afraid…

A scarred, mortal witch. A dragon shifter with a terrifying reputation.

Constance Rinehart has a tortured past. Her mother died in the hands of a ruthless man, and she grew up with a closed heart. After recent bandit raids, Evernbrook is starving for food, forcing Constance to sacrifice herself in the Offering—an event where young maidens are mated to dragon gods. When she is paired with the most brutal man in the world, her worst fears come true.

…there is much more to unravel.

Rayse Everstone, lord of the largest dragon shifter clan ever, has been searching for his mate for the last five-hundred years. He is at odds with his clan and feared by the humans. When his mate rejects him, and tensions amongst his kind rise, he faces the threat of having all he has built collapse… and even the loss of his own life.

OBSIDIAN WINGS is the first novel in a four-book fantasy romance series. The SOUL OF A DRAGON series explores the world of Gaia, where dragons roam and magic is rampant. All four books have been written and edited before being published together.

This series contains scenes of abuse, sexual content, and violence, which makes it unsuitable for the light-hearted.


Golden Embrace- Book 1.5, an interlude


A dragon-shifter who can’t seem to keep his pants on. And a witch who doesn’t mind it off.

Aryana Vardar, second seeker of the water witches, has a secret. Her tribe of strong, female magic users, holds weak-willed men in high regard, but she has no desire for such a male. When a beautiful, gold dragon sweeps her off her feet, she cannot resist. She fears her feelings for this new dragon brands her as a traitor to her kind.

Diovan Grimfire has a reputation unbefitting of his prowess. The villagers nearby have dubbed him the Dragon Whore, which peeves him to no end, and his friends won’t let him hear the end of it. An encounter with a band of matriarchal witches forces a mate onto him, which spells the end of his womanizing days.

GOLDEN EMBRACE is book #1.5 in the Soul of a Dragon series. It is a novella which follows a new couple, Aryana and Diovan, and serves as a light intermission for Rayse and Constance. It can be read as a standalone novel, and there is no need to read OBSIDIAN WINGS first. However, it is recommended to be read before SHADOWED LIES, the next book of the series.

This book contains scenes of sexual content, and violence, which makes it unsuitable for the light-hearted.